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What type of wood is named for its scent? Rosewood, of course!

Rosewood, which belongs to the genus Dalbergia, is a highly desirable wood type. Its beauty, durability, and strength make it ideal for use in crafting instruments, furniture, veneer, small turned objects, and flooring. Its dark ribbon figure runs through rose and brown to dark purple-brown coloration. As was mentioned above, when cut and sanded, the wood emits a smell reminiscent of roses (hence the name rosewood).

There are many types of rosewoods such as Brazilian, East Indian, Madagascar, and Honduran, to name a few. The highly sought after Brazilian rosewood is now endangered and is restricted. The rare Madagascar rosewood, or Bois de Rose, is restricted as well. The controversy surrounding the Bois de Rose swelled in 2009 and continues on today. The red-pink wood from the trees is illegally harvested and smuggled out of Madagascar’s national parks by the so-called “rosewood mafia”. This illegal harvesting is threatening Madagascar's forests. You can read more on the topic here:

Photo Credit: Olive Green Window